Thank you for your interest in attending Imagine Week’s California Material Reuse Workshop.
The workshop will take place on Friday December 2nd from 10-1pm in the Southern California area. More details on the location will be shared in the email invitation.  Due to the intimate nature of this event, we are limiting participation to 50 people.  If you are interested in applying to attend this event, please fill out this brief application. Attendees will be notified on a rolling basis of their status.

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About the Workshop


Let’s make the phrase one person’s trash is another’s treasure a reality! This event will explore how the California manufacturing community can develop opportunities for material reuse. California generates over 11% of total manufacturing output in the entire United States and can create tremendous financial and environmental gain by designing a regenerative industrial system and moving towards a sustainable economy that decouples economic growth from natural resource consumption and environmental degradation.

Community Engagement

This event is focused on engaging the California sustainability, waste management, manufacturing, and entrepreneurial community to develop relationships and create actionable solutions to industrial by-products or otherwise underutilized materials. The half day workshop will include an introduction to the US Business Council for Sustainable Development’s Material Marketplace, a panel discussion featuring materials and sustainability experts, and breakout sessions to propose solutions for reuse opportunities in California’s manufacturing industry. 

Experience Scope

How can businesses help to create a more sustainable, circular economy? How can we reduce raw material use and encourage more sustainable materials management? What are the biggest obstacles to collaboration? Are there concrete actions we can take now to facilitate greater resource efficiency?

Participants will discuss these questions and learn about what steps their organizations can take to make a positive return to their bottom line and the planet!

Experience Goals

  • Educate and empower participants about material reuse opportunities
  • Develop a network of local industry leaders working towards a circular economy
  • Create a California marketplace for industrial materials


Friday December 2nd from 10-1pm in the Los Angeles region. More details will be shared individually with registered attendees.